Friday, July 01, 2011


I have not yet met any of my goals this year, except for running in the Centennial Bay to Breakers. I am still working in the others:

Goal: Weight: (199) lbs. by 30.June.2011. Actual Weight: (202.4) lbs.  Not achieved.
I was closest to this on Sunday, 26.June.2011 at (200.8) lbs. after my Long run of (8)+ miles. Naturally, most of the weight loss in this heat was due to water loss, i.e. sweat. But at least I got really close. I will keep working towards this one for numerous reasons: getting slimmer, remission of acid-reflux (I hope).

Goal: Muscle Tone: Still working on it. I haven't increased weight or resistance during my trips to the gym, but just working out is helping. Actually, increasing the weight used would be increasing strength (and tone, I presume).

Goal: Improve Jogging Performance: OK, this might be working a little bit, but my goal of running (30) continuous minutes by 30.June.2011 has not been reached. Maybe by 31.July.2011, fingers-crossed.

Those are my three (3) short-term goals. (Okay, finding a job and getting hired are also on my list, but those are coming.) The half-marathon goal is still set for 4.December.2011, and the marathon goal is still set for March.2012.

That's all for now. Oh, and Happy July!


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