Monday, June 13, 2011

Runnin' Fool

So-o-o-o-o, I finally got my run on. Despite the heat.

DC Bike Path: Walk(10)/Jog(5)/Walk(5), repeat 4x. Dist: (5.36) miles. Pace-avg: (16:21)min./mi. Speed-avg: (3.7)mph. Speed-max: (6.5)mph. Burned: (659) Calories.

At least going back to a different training pattern is less disheartening: I can jog for four (4) minutes continuously, but for some reason, when I was trying the Walk (10) min, Jog (10) min. pattern, I could only jog about two to four minutes before crapping out and walking the rest of the interval. Clearly, I will just have to work up to it. Slowly.

Pre-run I ate a GU Rocktane Pineapple, two (2) glasses of water over the course of an hour before the run, and post-run I had a glass of water, and a pack of Honey Stinger Orange Blossom chews. Those were very good. I must buy more.

Current Weight: (205.2) lbs. But I have been at (203.8) lbs. for most of the last week, even without exercise.

Weekend: Saturday, my brother was down from the Bay Area and he BBQed burgers and hot dogs, while Mom made Potato Salad, and Pasta Salad. It was all too good, and I stuffed myself. After dinner we all went to see Super 8. We all enjoyed the movie, which is a good throwback to some classic Sci-Fi films over the last 30-40 years. It was funny to watch people get up and leave during the credits, only to stop in place and watch the extras that were in the credits. I'm sure J.J. Abrams would be proud to see that kind of audience reaction.

Sunday I mowed the backyard lawn for the first time in forever. Several years ago Mom turned in the old gas mower for a new electric, battery-powered mower as part of an exchange program. It mostly sat in the shed because for a while she was paying a yard service to take care of it for her. Since I've been unemployed, she cut back on that. Sunday I made a point to try out the lawn-mower before Mom did it herself. This mower is much quieter than the gas mower, though I could still use some ear-plugs when it's running, and it doesn't stink like the gas-powered mower did. I also figured out the mistake I made assembling the grass bag: Now the frame is inside the bag to support it, rather than dragging behind the mower. I'll have to look at getting the weed-eater attachment for the mower: The grass around the edges still needs trimming, and the weed-eater we used to have was stolen at some point when thieves broke into the shed a couple years ago.

The front yard does not need mowing: Mom had my brother and I rip out the grass, apply copious amounts of weed-killer, and then a couple months later she began planting foliage more suitable to a hot, dry climate. This makes sense for the Mediterranean climate we have here in the Central Valley, and also because MID is supposed to start metering all water usage in the area. Still waiting for that to go into effect in our neighborhood, but it will be a shockingly large bill when it comes, no doubt, just like when PG&E switched over to the digital metering system.

That's all for now.


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