Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Run

Went for a run today.

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog, 4x: Dist. (4.67) mi. Pace-avg: (16:35)min./mi. Speed-avg.: (3.6)mph. Speed-max: (6.5)mph. Burned: (570) Calories.

This time I modified my usual "plan": Standing calf raises (10 per side), Walk (10) min., Warm-up Stretch (5) min. with squats (30)  and lunges (10 per side), Jog (5) min., Walk (10) min., repeat (3x) more; Cool-down walk home.

My Garmin almost flaked out on me before I even got started. I had to power-cycle it twice before it started to link with the satellites. I should have cleared some of the logs before I walked outside. Anyway, once I got going the run was OK. I remembered why I had stopped doing the warm-up stretches before running previously: It makes my muscles feel weaker and I don't feel like I get as much out of the run as I do when I don't stretch beforehand. On the up side my Max HR was only (178) BPM where it is usually at (184) or (185) BPM during my runs. I looked back over my logs and saw that this has happened on a couple of previous runs, so that is good. I believe it means my heart is getting stronger.

During the last legs of my run I used a packet of PowerBar EnergyBlasts, Raspberry flavor; they were awesome. I should probably get one of those fuel belts so I can carry water and energy snacks more easily, rather than relying on the few water fountains in the park, especially now that it is pretty hot out. My existing fanny pack is fine for carrying fuel snacks, my cell-phone, flashlight and pocket knife, but no space for water.

OK. Dinner eaten, stretching done. Better shower and hit the downtown for a bit.


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