Thursday, August 04, 2011

Wednesday Gym Day

I rode my bike to the gym Wednesday evening:

Cycled to the gym, worked out, then cycled home. Only counting time to the gym and back for this ride. Cycling: (6.94) miles. Speed-avg: (8.6)mph. Speed-max: (14.4)mph. Burned: (421) Calories.

MCR: Lap #1: Ab Crunch machine, 3x (30) reps. @ (90) lbs. Back extensions: 3x (30) reps. at (50) lbs. Obliques machine[Torso Rotations]: 1x (30) reps. @ (90) lbs. Ab/Oblique crunch machine: 3x (30) reps. @ (90) lbs. Calf raises: 3x (30) reps. @ (40) lbs. Duration: (35) min.
Lap #2: Lateral raises: 3x (30) reps. @ (40) lbs.  Shoulder press 3x (5) reps. @ (40) lbs. Pectoral flies: 3x (30) reps @  (45) lbs. Flies Rear deltoids: 3x (10) reps. @ (45) lbs. Duration: (30) min.

The ride to and from the gym was pretty good. Too many stops for intersections and lights, but it was a decent warm-up and cool-down for the days workout.

Once at the gym I was able to go straight into my workout. Usually, when I drive,  I spend the first (30) to (40) minutes warming up in the Fit In (30) room using the resistance machines. Today, I just went straight to the Ab machines. I think I was able to use heavier weights in the past, when I was more consistent with my gym workouts; I will have to work back up to that in the coming months. I really do want my abs to be visible before the year is out.

And yes, I skipped my Tuesday Easy Run because I just wasn't feeling up to it.


updated: 2011-08-11: made some corrections


P said...

More strength training is better for you than another run, anyway. Sweet workout!

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