Saturday, July 23, 2011

Return to the Gym

Finally got back into the gym today for about (1.5) hours.

MCR: Fit in 30 Room, (36:10)min.  Burned: (531) Calories [estimated]. Weight machines: Pectorals and Deltoids work, then some Ab and Back machine work.

Felt good to workout in the gym with the A/C running. I'll have to make sure I go a couple times next week.

Half-Marathon Training: I skipped two (2) of my Easy Runs this week: Tuesday and Friday. Tuesday I was busy in Yosemite, and Friday I was too tired to run in the late afternoon. I am still on target for mileage this week as long as I make sure to do my Long Run tomorrow. I may do it in the morning if I wake up early again like I have the last couple of days. Doing the long run in the morning at 0500-0600 hrs. sounds better than doing it in the late afternoon heat. And I won't have to use any sunscreen in the morning. B-)

I can barely keep my eyes open now. Time for bed.


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