Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cycling Saturday

I missed out on my last two (2) Easy Run days because I was feeling ill. Nausea kept me from running. Even if I had dragged myself out the door, I may very well have vomited all over the place. Now, I only felt ill and queasy enough to barf, but I did not, and that makes me very happy. B-)

DC Bike Path: Cycling. Dist: (10.35)mi. Pace-avg: (5:18)min./mi. Speed-avg: (11.3)mph. Speed-max: (17.2)mph (coasting downhill). Burned: (604) Calories.

When I stepped out the door this evening for my ride, it almost felt like late October, like Halloween was just around the corner. that is one of my favorite times of year. Especially back during my junior high school years: Walking home through the Sherwood Forest neighborhood in mid- to late-afternoon during October always had a magical feeling to it.

I followed my ride with plenty of water, then a Banana-Chocolate-Honey smoothie. That hit the spot. Mmmm. B-)

Anyway, tomorrow I will make the effort to go for my final Easy Run of this training week.

Today's Weight: (202.6) lbs.


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