Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vomit Threshold, or I Survived CrossFit Session #3

Wednesday, 2012-04-11

Tonight was my third CrossFit session with my trainer. Whoof! Again I am reminded how little I have actually pushed myself aerobically in the last year of my own self-directed training. First up was jump-rope. To warm up we did some jumping using just feet and calves to spring up and get those muscles going. I brought I my new jump-rope and used that. I was able to complete (12) consecutive jumps before fumbling on the rope, but kept at it. I tried to reach (25) consecutive, but did not. My trainer recorded a video for later review. I got a lot of jumps in, all the same, and my calves know it. Vomit Threshold: Just...almost... right there. While I was catching my breath my trainer demonstrated how double-unders are executed, i.e. two passes of the jump-rope under your feet during each jump. (I have a ways to go to get there.)

Next up was stretching out the arms and shoulders, followed by "Barrel Hugs," a rotational exercise moving from high to low and rotating at the waist, then some hamstring/leg stretches, moving sideways wall-to-wall (short side of the court). Following this we performed walking lunges lengthwise up and down the racquetball court; and then a repeat of this carrying a (15) lb. dumbbell on one side, then switching it on the return. (I like to call these Elmer Fudds, because my trainer mentioned exaggerated cartoon "sneak" motions during the first workout.) Carrying that dumbbell definitely put my hamstrings on notice that they need to "Cowboy up!" Wowzers. Vomit Threshold: Just...almost... right there.

Shoulder presses were next on the list, using (15)lb. dumbbells. I was calling them Rocky Balboas because the reflection in the court window reminded me of the Rocky statue in Philly. My trainer helped make sure I was executing the exercise with proper form: chest forward, hips back; glutes, abs and core muscles taught and "activated/engaged." Actually trying to keep my glutes and abs engaged and flexed simultaneously was difficult to co-ordinate, so that's one more thing to add to the "keep working on it" list.

After those, and catching my breath, and pulling back from my Vomit Threshold, we worked on Pose Running form, "running" in place while leaning forward against the court wall, maintaining proper form while lifting the legs and getting the hamstrings in on the leg action, rather than the hip flexors. This also involved leaning forward and catching yourself with your feet (much like Good Form running, and Chi Running). I had trouble making this work correctly, and not executing lunges unintentionally. After a few iterations of this we tried barefoot running in the hall, which feels like carpet with minimal rubber padding over concrete. I didn't break my feet, or run into the wall full-tilt, so that was a good thing. I got a better feel for the way this style of running form works, and will have to practice that more once my plantar fasciitis is healed.

Also, I still need to put in more time at the gym using the weights, the stationary bike, and getting into the pool, finally, for some lap swims. I want to start doing the CrossFit training twice a week, going forward. We'll see how that goes.

Dinner: My post-workout dinner was leftover sliced beef from Easter, nuked and loaded on warm flat-bread with Pepper jack cheese, diced chiles, and black pepper. Mmm. Tasty!


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