Sunday, March 18, 2012

Race Report: Surgical Artistry Modesto (Half) Marathon 2012

Today's plan calls for a Half-Marathon Run. 

Modesto (Half) Marathon 2012: Dist: (13.17)mi. Pace-avg: (15:47). Speed-avg: (3.8)mph. Speed-max: (5.1)mph. Burned: (1367) Calories.

Plan: Run/walk (13.1)mi. @ an avg. (16:06) pace for a total time of (3:31:09)hrs.
Actual: Run/walk (13.17)mi. @ an avg. (15:47) pace for a total time of (3:27:45)hrs. Garmin time, and (3:27:37.816)hrs. chip time.
Fuel: Pre-run: 1x cup hot tea w/ honey; Mid-run: GU Roctane (Pineapple), GU Energy Gel w/ caffeine (Mandarin Orange), lots of water; Post-run: Banana, PowerBar (Peanut Butter), Gatorade (Lemon-Lime), Cheetos, more water.

Preliminary "official" results: (3:27:37.816)hrs. Courtesy of SVE Timing.

Kinda' dark out, but I have plenty of company.

At the starting line.

Gut check? Ready to go!!

Passing Graceada Park in a blur of motion!

Approaching Mile (1) and the House-in-the-Middle-of-the-Road.

Heading up, left, down and around.

Out of the 'burbs and out into the boonies.

Half-way there.

I can still smile, more or less.

Passed the turnaround, and heading back.

Here come the clouds, again.

Passing Mile (12)!

On the other side of the Finish line...

Thank you to everyone who made this race a great day! And that includes: the volunteers, Modesto Police Department, the race organizers, and other supporters, including the bands. (And thank you, Mom, for dropping me off and picking me up downtown for the race.)

Looking Forward: I will take at least one week off from running for recovery, maybe I'll do some stationary bike work at the gym, or use the pool at the gym, depending on the weather. After that I want to look into CrossFit. I think my gym recently started a class, and I read an article about CrossFit Endurance (CFE) as an additional training option to prepare oneself for running in endurance races. At any rate, I need to get back to burning off more body-fat and strengthening the rest of my body, especially my core. I'm getting tired of looking at that flabby belly in the mirror. :-) Besides, I am going to need that additional training to prepare to tackle Half Dome this year.

Last year's training efforts were geared toward running a half-marathon in Las Vegas in December 2011 (which didn't happen), and that training did not really feel like it translated to hiking most of the way up Half Dome. Even a park ranger I met at the permit check-point agreed. She was also training to run in Vegas at the same race; I don't know if she made it there, either. I kinda' hope I see her again on the trail this year, but you never know.

The 2012 Bay to Breakers is just around the corner, so I will need to prepare for that, as well. I fully intend to beat my time of (1:58)hrs. from last year, and I am certain I can do it in at least (1:30)hrs.

Now, off to bed.



P said...

You took so many pictures! I meant to and then totally didn't. My favorite: "Out of the 'burbs and into the boonies." No kidding! Great job on your race Lancer!

Lancer!! said...

Well, as a half-mary virgin, I kinda' had to take lots o' pics. Thanks, P-!

Alisyn said...

Great job capturing the course with all your fantastic photos1 Great performance to boot!

Lancer!! said...

Thanks, Alisyn!