Thursday, March 29, 2012

Addendum: I'd like to thank the Academy...


Here is some addendum to the Half Marathon race day, including the pre-race Expo and Dinner.

Big thanks to Pahla B. and her blog, Adventures of an Average Athlete, including some of the blogs I started reading after hers, like Sweat Once A Day by Sweaty Emily. They taught me more than a few things -not- to do before, during and after a race, especially the importance of training, consistent training, and injuries. (Oh, and also talking me off the proverbial ledge of trying to run a full marathon the same year I just started running for the first time in (25) years. Good call!)

Also thanks to Teri S. K. Both she and Pahla were using Voomaxer way back when, which also inspired me to get out and exercise, and keep records, to begin with.

Garmin for their products. My ForeRunner 305 GPS watch is essential for my training runs, and more.

2XU for making great compression gear. I really think wearing the tights and shirt during the half-marathon run helped minimize my recovery time and more.

Dick Beardsley for some inspirational words during the pre-race dinner.

Dick Beardsley just can't hold still.

ShadowChase Running Club for being there to sponsor and support local running events.

Fuzio Universal Bistro for their pre-race dinner (I had two [2] plates, but it was so good):

Chicken Marsala - pan-sautéed chicken breast, Marsala wine, and seasoned portobello mushrooms 
Rigatoni Alfuzio - home-made garlic cream sauce, pomodoro and hickory smoked bacon with Parmesan and rigatoni pasta, also served vegetarian (totally awesome!!)
Caesar Salad - chopped romaine, Caesar dressing, grated Parmesan, and seasoned croutons 
Mixed Green Salad - Mixed greens with tomato mix, seasoned croutons and roasted garlic vinaigrette 
Roasted Vegetables - Yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, red bell pepper, and roasted fennel marinated in herbed oil and oven roasted
Bread & Desert & Drink

I spent some time before the dinner browsing through the booths at the expo, but spent the most time looking at the selection that Go For It Sports brought with them from Atascadero, CA:

Go For It Sports had the largest display and selection.

Not really my color, but maybe I should get one in black, anyway.

Goody bag and bib pick-up. (ShadowChase)

See you next year, Modesto Marathon!!


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