Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Gym Rat Monday

I skipped out on my Sunday Long Run. I just didn't feel the energy. I ended up dozing off and on most of the day. To make up for this slack, I went to the gym today to use the treadmill and do some weight-training with my legs. It went pretty well:

MCR: LifeFitnessTreadmill: Dist: (2.17)mi. Speed-max: (5.5)mph. Duration: (32:58.97). Burned: (320) Calories.
LifeFitness "Stairmaster": Dist: (0.70)mi. Burned: (90) Calories. Program: (Pike's Peak, Level (1), Duration: (15)min.
LifeFitness Elliptical X-Trainer: Dist: (1.17)mi. Burned: (90) Calories. Duration: (18)min.
Seated Leg Extensions: 3x (30) reps. @ (50) lbs.;
Seated Leg Curls: 1x (30) reps @ (50) lbs.; 1x (30) reps. @ (70) lbs.; 1x (20) reps @ (90) lbs.;
Seated Leg Press: 2x (30) reps. @ (130) lbs., 1x (20) reps @ (130) lbs.;
Calf Raises: 3x (15) reps @ (60) lbs. Toes straight, Toes pointed in, Toes pointed out.

Today's bonus: No faintness during the use of the StairMaster. Yay.


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