Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On the Run Again...

(Sung to the tune of "On the Road Again" by somebody who's name I forget... Oh, right! Willie Neslon.)

Today's plan calls for an Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (5.18)mi. Pace-avg: (14:41)min./mi. Speed-avg: (4.1)mph. Speed-max: (5.6)mph. Burned: (620) Calories. Headlight.

Plan: Run (3.0)mi. @ a (17:47) pace for a total of (52:42)min.
Actual: Run/walk (3.0)mi. @ an avg. (13:26) pace for a total of (40:18.9)min., bracketed by a (1.0)mi. warm-up walk, and a (1.18)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: Fig Newtons, hot Lipton tea w/ Honey; Mid-run: (water); Post-run: something out of the fridge.

So I got out and ran tonight. Shockingly enough, it has been (12) days since I last went out running. I am flabbergasted. But frankly, I shouldn't be. I was mainly taking a break since my Aikido training injury (where my ribs landed on my elbow and caused some serious muscle ache that felt much-much worse). I wasn't sure how running was going to impact that injury, but it's been feeling much better since it first occurred. The X-rays show no broken bones in my ribs, so I guess I just need to workout around the injury spot and try not to aggravate it.

Outside Temp: Start: (38) deg.F.;  End:  (35) deg.F.

Other News: It is damn cold outside! OK, not really just yet, but it will be much later into the night.


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