Thursday, September 08, 2011

Another Thursday Easy Run

Today's plan calls for an Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run. Dist: (7.88)mi. Pace-avg: (16:14). Speed-avg: (3.7)mph. Speed-max: (11.7)mph [(6.8mph)]. Burned: (854) Calories. No running lights.

Plan: Run (5) mi. @ a (17:17) pace, for a total time of (1:26:25) hrs.
Actual: Jog/Walked (5) mi. @ a (15:11) avg. pace, for a total of (1:15:54.38) hrs. Bracketed by (1) mi. warm-up walk and a (1.88)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: GU Roctane (Pineapple); Mid-run: PowerBar Energy Gel (Strawberry-Banana); Post-run: Tall glass of Gatorade (Berry), then dinner.

Tonight's run went well. I left the running lights at home, because I knew it would not get too dark: Tonight's moon is still waxing gibbous, and larger than Tuesday night. There were still quite a few people in the park tonight since I actually left the house before sundown.

My Garmin Forerunner seems to be freaking out since it logged my max speed tonight at (11.7)mph. Tchya! As if. I mapped the data to Google Earth, and I see that the path logged by my Garmin also has me crossing through a couple houses, then back-tracking a bit, on my way to the park. Even bigger,"As if!" My Garmin locked in the satellites pretty quickly tonight, although that is not the first time it has been able to do this. I wonder if I should have turned it off, and restarted it. I did that earlier in the week (just in case), and it seemed to be as accurate as it normally is, so I will have to ensure I do that going forward. The rest of the data may be skewed a bit, but the graphs in TC look fairly normal. The tallest peak in the Speed graph actually reads (6.8)mph.

My total jogging distance tonight was (2.12)mph on the first leg of the jog, and then (1.84)mi. on the second, inbound leg; total jogged miles: (3.96) non-continuous miles. Something in my belly didn't feel quite right tonight, so I did not try to pursue my (4) mi. continuous jogging goal for tonight; not even the three (3) mi. goal. Since I went to the movies this afternoon, and tried to get out the door for tonight's run as early as I could, I may not have had enough water in my system, but I did not get sick, or anything, so it's OK.

Tonight's splits: Mile (1): (14:07); Mile (2): (14:12); Mile (3): (16:59) walking; Mile (4): (14:57); Mile (5): (15:50).

Other News: I finally got out to the movies and saw Captain America, The First Avenger. It was really good, and I am glad I saw it on the big screen. I still regret not seeing The Green Lantern on the big screen, but it'll no doubt be available on disc in time for Xmas.


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