Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Beautiful Day Out

The sun is out, the temperature is (76) deg.F. and the wind isn't too strong. Had a good training "run" in the park:

DC Bike Path: Walk/Jog/Walk: (3.26) miles total. Pace-avg: (15:46) min./mile. Speed-avg: (3.8) mph. Max-speed: (6.4) mph. Burned: (376) Calories. Not bad! No pain in my knees, and I've made it into the solid Jog speed zone.

My previous best was just in the Slow Jog speed zone. Glad to see I am improving. I bought more Wright Socks Cool Mesh at Fleet Feet Stockton yesterday, and some more sport gels to use with training. I really needed more socks: trying to rotate between just two (2) pairs really wasn't cutting it. I wish the store carried darker colours, like grey or black, because my sweat stains white fabrics so easily [because of medication I'm taking]. Well, Fleet Feet in Stockton may not carry them in different colours, but Zappos does here. Or I could just order them direct from Wright Sock.

Despite the testimonials on Zappos saying to buy a size larger, I went with the size Large (fits shoe size (10-13) and have had no problems. I dry them on low and do not use a fabric sheet (I wash and dry my sports clothes together). [Someone advised me that using a fabric softener sheet in the dryer with your sports gear can "clog up" the breathable fabrics, causing them to perform poorly.] But since they are dual-layer socks one needs to make sure to adjust the sock so it doesn't bunch up, or have multiple layers bunched up. It's somewhat easy to tell when they are bunched up, so just pluck the sock and smooth it out wherever you see it bunching. To date I have had no blisters or hot-spots on my feet using these socks with my Brooks Trance 10 running shoes, even when I was just walking around Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo last week. That reminds me that I still need to write about last week in more detail.


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