Friday, January 11, 2008


TUESDAY - Jan.08
Loitered around my dorm all day and chatted with friends online. Waited for employer to call. Went out that night for Nachos y Jalapenos and horchata at La Victoria on East San Carlos. Good stuff! Will have to go back and refresh my memory of their Super Nachos con Carne Asada. Almost yelled at the kids (customers) and their foul mouths. I miss Turlock, where I would have done it without thinking twice. *sigh* Walked around downtown to see how much has changed. A lot of places have different names now, but the businesses are mainly the same. Good to see Gordon Biersch and Mission Ale House are still in business. More new restaurants downtown and new buildings in place of parking lots. Can't wait to try out some of the restaurants when money allows.


Employer finally called Wednesday afternoon and asked me to come in for uniforms and start training that night. Had to drop off pants at dry cleaners in South San Jose, right near Los Gatos, before reporting for duty. That was a chore, missed my first exit and continued on surface streets, which I knew would get me there. Cleaners was a small place that had changed its name, but I finally found it. Forgot how dense rush-hour traffic in the Bay Area is compared to my small part of the Central Valley.

Arrived at post and started training. I'll be training through Friday night, then start my regular post and hours Saturday morning. Feels like old times. Much more to learn and do at my new site than any post I've worked since Altera. The first days and weeks will be the most difficult while I'm getting adjusted. Glad this will only be a weekend job during school.

Dropped off shirts at the cleaners and then went to bookstore to get a couple things. Decided to check and see if any of my textbooks were available, and found quite a few. Bought my books for: LING 125 (Introduction to Historical-Comparative Linguistics), LING 166 (Sociolinguistics: Cross-Cultural Communication), PHIL 134 (Computers, Ethics, Society), and POLS 1 (American Government). I still need the book(s) for PHIL 160 (Philosophy of Science), which have yet to be determined. These will probably be available at one of the nearby print-shops.

Hurried to lunch at "The Fortune Cookie" on the corner of South 10th St. and East William St. Pretty good meal, but ate too much. At least I didn't have to live on Zone bars for the day. :-) Got changed into uniform and made it to work for training just in time. Will have to plan better on Friday so I can be there early.

Still need to turn in my Graduation Application. I have to talk to my Major and Minor Departments and get paperwork filled out for those to hand in with my application. Will work on that Friday. Need to get cleaning bucket and products to work on the dorm: the place is a sty. *phew* (And was so before I arrived.)

Good night!

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