Monday, June 03, 2013

Another Monday Night at the Gym

2013-06-03, Monday

Today's plan calls for a Self-Defense/Combatives session, followed by a solo workout.

Self-Defense: Tonight we practised more drills: block, deflect, trap, counter-punch; repeat.

After class I got in a much needed weight training session for (70) mins.:

Solo Workout:
Inverted Pull-up: (10) reps. @ BW front-grip, and (10) reps. reverse (curl) grip.
Front Squat: (10) reps. @ BW with wooden dowel; (10) reps. @ (45) lbs. straight-bar; (10) reps. @ (65) lbs.
Overhead Squat: (10) reps. @ BW with wooden dowel. (Still having trouble co-ordinating this movement correctly; too wobbly.)
Back Squat: (10) reps @ (45) lb. straight-bar; (10) reps. @ (65) lbs.; (10) reps. @ (85) lbs.; (3) reps. @ (105) lbs.
Farmer's Carry: 2x (45) lb. weight plate, (1) in each hand, for (206) steps.
Push-Ups (Knees): (10) reps.
Upright Barbell Row: (10) reps. @ (45) lbs.; (9) reps. @ (65) lbs.
Hanging Leg Raise (Elbows): (3) sets @ (10) reps. each.
Bench Press: (20) reps. @ (45) lbs. wide grip; (15) reps. @ (45) lbs. wider than shoulder width grip; (10) reps. @ (45) lbs. shoulder width grip.

The purpose of my workouts for the next two (2) weeks is to prepare for starting a dedicated training program that I found in two (2) issues of Muscle & Fitness from 2012. There are three (3) that I am looking at, and trying to decide which one I want to commit to for a minimum of two (2) months.

Other News:

I finally got to participate in a helicopter landing and take-off at the office. It was pretty cool. The flight crew even gave us souvenir pins from the company.


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