Monday, February 27, 2012

Yet Another Gym Rat Monday

I dragged myself to the gym this evening and managed to get in a decent workout. I warmed up for five (5) minutes on a stationary bike, then got in three (3) laps through the "Fit In (30)" room. Once that was done I caught my breath for a few minutes, and drank some water. Once I got my focus back I moved on to the core workout machines:

LifeFitness AbCrunch: 1x (30) reps. @ (50) lbs., 1x (20) reps. @ (50)lbs., and 1x (10) reps. @ (50)lbs.
- I made an effort to "go slow" and work the muscles a bit more deliberately; it seemed to help. I normally use the Nautilus machine instead, so this was bit different.
LifeFitness Back Extension: 1x (30) reps. @ (70)lbs.
- Again I made an effort to go slow and work the muscles more deliberately; normally I use the Nautilus machine, so this was a bit different for me.
Cybex AbCrunch: 3x (30) reps. @ (70)lbs.
- I have often used this machine in the past; I like it.
LifeFitness Torso Rotation (Obliques): 1x (30) reps. @ (70)lbs. both left and right.

Once I caught my breath, again, I wandered around the weight machines to get a better idea of what was available for arms and upper body workouts. I was a bit entranced by the machine demonstration videos at LifeFitness, and was taking a closer look to see if any of their machines were on-site at the gym. Turns out most of the other weight machines were Hammer Strength and Cybex brand. C'est la vie. I can work with them.

Tomorrow I have a three (3) mile Easy Run scheduled, then after that I will head to the gym and try getting in some more StairMaster work, plus work on arms and upper body. Looking forward to it.


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