Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rainy Day Long Run!

Today's plan calls for a Long Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Long Run. Dist: (12.01)mi. Pace-avg: (16:15). Speed-avg: (3.7)mph. Speed-max: (5.0)mph. Burned: (1255) Calories. Headlight.
Plan: Run (10.0)mi. @ a (17:34) pace for a total of (2:55:42)hrs.
Actual: Run/walk (10.0)mi. @ an avg. (15:55) pace for a total of (2:39:11.80)hrs., bracketed by a (1.0)mi. warm-up walk, and a (1.01)mi. cool-down walk.
Fuel: Pre-run: bologna sandwich w/ tortilla chips, glass of Gatorade (Orange); Mid-run: (water), Honey Stinger Honey w/ Cocoa+ (Chocolate); Post-run: Clif Bar (Chocolate Chip), dinner.

I finally got my Long Run in tonight. The temp. is currently at (51) deg.F., and it's not raining. During my run it did not appear to rain at all, so I missed that, though not intentionally. I did get out before sundown, so I had some daylight running for a change. Instead of trying to run as continually as possible, then walk the rest, I strategized! After my warm-up walk, I ran the first two (2) miles, then walked the next two (2) miles, ran the next two (2) miles, walked the next two (miles), then ran one (1) mile, and walked the last mile, followed by the cool-down walk home.

I kinda' caved at that last mile because I made a deliberate decision to not eat the energy snacks I brought with me. I almost made it, too. After running the last mile the hunger pangs got to me, and I cracked open one of my Honey Stinger "Honey with Cocoa & B Vitamins" (Chocolate). Since I first tried one of these earlier in the week, I fell in energy-snack love! They are so tasty. (I think I need to start buying these things by the box.)

Now that I am warmer and not outside, I better scarf down a Clif Bar before I chew off an arm. And then I better stretch out, finally. I haven't stretched out at all after any of my runs this week. Shameful.


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