Thursday, October 06, 2011

Wednesday Gym Day

2011-10-05, Wednesday

Finally went back to the gym after an absence of almost two (2) months.

MCR: (5)min. warm-up on stationary bike, then (39)min. in the Fit in (30) Room. Cool-down stretching for (16)min.

Had a pretty good workout, even though a nearly (3) week period of couch-potato-ism left me huffing and puffing. *bleh* I am disappointed that the Heart Rate data did not show up in Garmin TC, even though the data was visible on my watch during my workout.

Pre-workout fuel: (2) slices of wheat toast with creamy peanut-butter; (1) cup of Lipton tea with honey; (1) pear.

Now I feel energized enough to go out running, even if it is wet and cold out now. But I need to hold off on this for a bit. Maybe in an hour.


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