Thursday, August 11, 2011

Moonlight Easy Run

Tonight was another Easy Run. Mostly by moonlight.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy Run [Fast walk]. Dist: (7.52)mi. Pace-avg: (17:12). Speed-avg: (3.5)mph. Speed-max: (5.4)mph. Burned: (836) Calories.

Plan: Run (4) mi. @ a (17:33) pace, for a total time of (1:10:14) hrs.
Actual: Fastwalk (4) mi. @ (16:35) pace, for a total time of (1:06:18.49) hrs.
Fuel: Pre-run: nada. [I had the Vito's Combo pizza at Vito's at about 1500 hrs., though.] Mid-run: GU Energy Gel, Lemon Sublime. Mmmm, tasty. Post-run: So far, salt-water taffy from Monterey...

Tonight's run started out pretty creaky and achy since I only had about a (45) minute nap between staying up for (22.75) hours, and getting out for my Thursday run. By the time I got to the (2) mi. mark in the "run" phase I was feeling much better.

Sadly, I did not see the fox tonight. After reading the Wikipedia entries, it may have actually been a Gray Fox, but I did not see a black stripe down the foxes back, or along the top of its tail. Now I know what to look for the next time I see it.

Other News: I am going to run a 10K in Riverbank this Saturday, 13.August.2011. This means I will have to skip my Friday run, but I will make up for it with the back-to-back Saturday 10K and the Sunday training run.


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