Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night Easy Run

Today's planned work out is a simple Easy Run.

DC Bike Path: 1/2 Marathon Training, Easy run. Dist: (4.33)mi. Pace-avg: (15:52). Speed-avg: (3.8)mph. Speed-max: (6.0)mph. Burned: (490) Calories. Running lights.

Plan: Run (2) mi. at a (17:27) pace for a total time of (34:55) mins.
Actual: Jog (2) miles @ a (13:27) pace for a total time of (26:54.60) mins. Bracketed by a (1) mi. warm-up walk, and a (1.33) mi. cool-down walk. 
Fuel: Pre-run: Late lunch; Mid-run:nothing; Post-run: Dinner!

Tonight's run was really good, despite getting out much later than planned. I finally found my short running shorts (track shorts?) so I was able to wear them for my run. The best thing about them is they are much cooler to run in when it is warm/hot out, which is why I bought them in the first place. I warmed up before the run by doing (30) reps. of squats with an empty straight-bar, then repeated with a curl-bar loaded with (30) lbs. of weights. [I also did that before Thursday's run, too, and I think it made a real difference.]

I kept up a pretty solid jogging pace for the entire two (2) mi. and was very pleased with that. TC shows the splits for that as: Mile 1 (13:05), Mile 2 (13:50). Not bad.

Time to stretch out, eat, and get on with the evening.


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